About Me

My name is Silke
I am a Award winning and passionate Quilter.

It all started over 20+ years ago in my native Austria when a workmate of mine went to a patchwork beginners class and showed me the 'block' she had made when she got home . I thought to myself "I can do this", and off I went to purchase some fabric and books on patchwork and taught myself how to make a Quilt. I started of with quilting by hand and eventually discovered quilting with my domestic machine, dreaming about a Longarm Quilting Machine...one day.

In 2012 I finally realised my dream and purchased a Longarm Quilting Machine, the Handi Quilter Avante' 18, a superb machine. This brought my passion for Patchwork and Quilting to a whole new level as I discovered thread painting and Art quilting therefore.

I enjoy the variety of making Quilts for kids and modern traditional Quilts as it helps me with keeping the creativity flowing for new Art Quilts.

Entering Quilts into Challenges and Competitions has brought me great joy too as my Quilts get to travel the world and are spreading their messages. Being internationally recognized and an Award winning Artist has opened a whole new world to me.

Furthermore I also sew for the animals injured and affected by the devastating bushfires that Australia is experiencing.

And I like to provide support to the community by donating Quilts.

My lovely companion Smokey, a Siberian Husky used to keep me company and reminded me of when it is time to eat or drink something....mainly when he wants to be fed 😉 and take a break for a walk. Sadly he passed away age 14.5 years old in 2018 and I deeply miss him. He will always be in my heart.

R.I.P Smokey, 14.5 years old.

I sadly had to say good bye to my beloved Husky Smokey on 19/8/2018. He peacefully passed away in my arms. I will miss him so much.

You meant the world to me Smokey, love you and you will be forever in my heart. xxx